12" inner tube set

Set of 2 twelve inch inner tubes for the wheels of your Mountain Buggy stroller. The front wheel of your terrain will use 12" inner tubes, and the rear wheel will need 16" inner tubes unless you are using the 12" urban rear wheels.  

USD24.99 Available now. 5-7 business days for delivery

Available now.5-7 business days for delivery Selling fast. Secure yours today Stock running out. Order now! More stock in. Order today to secure yours


The inner tube can be replaced by deflating the existing inner tube and removing this as well as the tirebefore replacing with your new inner tube, fitting the tire and the inflating the new inner tube with a manual hand pump . Be sure to inflate your new inner tube only to a maximum of 20-22 psi.

These inner tubes are compatible with the following stroller models:

  • urban jungle
  • terrain
  • +one
  • duo