Life without limit

Speed limits. Backyard fences. Seatbelts. Instructions. Baby gates. Warning labels. Does that list make you cringe thinking, “Rules, rules, rules! What about carpe diem? Don’t fence me in!”  Maybe a list of limits or restrictions makes you feel like stretching your wings a little bit.

I don’t know what you’re like, but I’ll confess that I bristle when I feel like someone’s restraining me or telling me I can’t or shouldn’t do something. However, as I get older and (hopefully!) more mature, I am reminded that “rules” are meant to guide us, not to rob us of our pleasure. They are to protect us and even add joy to our lives.

So how do I live life without limit? For me, one answer is community. The community around me – both those within my immediate sphere and those from history - form a rich web of wisdom to teach me by instructions, actions, and stories of how life can be lived in joy and freedom in the way that life was designed to be lived. The community of friends and family around me help to guide me towards a freedom and richness of life that sometimes means more work, more difficulty, but a greater reward in the end.

My mom and dad are great sources of wisdom and are examples of living lives of love and commitment to each other and to their own communities. Their seemingly limitless love has shown me how self-sacrifice (purposefully limiting the right to have your own way) reaps great rewards. My husband, too, voluntarily chooses to be purposefully involved in our children’s lives from the moment he comes home until the light goes off at night. He has every right to take time to rest and be by himself to catch his breath but, choosing to live his life in a way that restrains his own desires for the greater good of our girls, he invests his time and energy in their lives. How thankful I am for these loves of mine!

The women I know from Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness classes also help me to live in a way that pushes me to also be better at what I do, to expand the limits of my knowledge and abilities. Whether or not they know it, they encourage me to work to perfect the classes I teach and to create classes that are not only challenging but fun. My friends embolden me to work towards goals that might not have seemed feasible when I began Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness.

For me, my version of living life without limits means learning and being inspired by the community of friends and family around me. How about you? What does living life without limits mean to you?  Who or what inspires you?

Thanks Cassidy Carow @ Baby Boot Camp.
Some great messages here that really harness the Mountain Buggy philosophy - living life without limit, and also the strength of a community... a community that can only be built by people like you.
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