My summer road trip with haven

Travelling with a young child can be stressful so when Mel needed to do an eight hour road trip to get to her holiday destination, she took haven with safeguard with her. Here's how her journey panned out:

Safe and sound in his haven with safeguard car seat

This summer we embarked on our longest road trip yet, an epic 8 hour car ride to our holiday destination in beautiful North Island. It’s amazing how much preparation a long trip requires, especially when you have children, ensuring that everything you need can easily be accessed in a fully packed car. Plus that our little boy had enough snacks and water, and was comfortable and safe along the way was top of mind for me.

It was our first long road trip after purchasing the Mountain Buggy car seat . At 2 and a half, our son is still using the seat with the safeguard. People have asked me if he gets hot with the safeguard during travelling and he was absolutely fine.  Since we were travelling in summer he was dressed lightly and we had air conditioning to keep us cool. My son will usually tell us if he’s too hot but he was sitting comfortably all the way with no signs of flushed cheeks. We found the fabric to be breathable and didn’t get hot at all.

We absolutely love the haven with safeguard and received many comments from friends we met along the way about how safe and secure he looked. He loves being able to rest his arms on top of the safeguard and getting him out of the car when he’s fallen asleep without waking him is easy because you don’t need to battle with harness straps.  Our first long trip with our new car seat was a success and it makes the trip so much more enjoyable when your little one is happy and comfortable.

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