Dads' Army

Happy Fathers Day to all across the globe who are celebrating it today! It's that special Sunday of the year where our 'heroes' who are bigger, stronger and wiser than everybody else, are celebrated for being our knights in shining armour. No matter what size, shape or form our dads come in, we can always count on 'good ole dad' to put things right, to protect us when in need, and to catch us when we fall.

A few of the US team got together and compiled a tribute of what their dad means to them, and also for our dads in the team, what it means to them stepping into this father role. In our own office in New Zealand, we have a few expats who are thinking of their dads across the globe - wanting to wish them a very Happy Fathers Day!

Enjoy the messages, images and videos sent from the heart from our team around the world! Thank you dads - we salute you!

Much love from team USA:
"Master carpenter, Eggs Benedict maker, and my reason for loving Bruce Springsteen... that's my Dad."
Gretchen - north east brand ambassador

"I’m pretty excited to experience my first Father’s Day as a new Dad. To me, being a Dad is an incredible and amazing life change as I get to be a part of new challenges, new experiences and new successes through my son’s eyes. Watching his beaming pride when he overcomes a new obstacle, his excitement with a new experience and his capacity for joy has brought me a new fulfillment I didn’t know was missing before he came along. My life is so much more complete knowing I’m a Father to such an active, energetic, loving little boy - I can't wait to find out what's next!"
Jeff - eastern Canada brand ambassador

"How lucky I have been to have a dad that has been such a pillar of support in my life. Always there for a laugh, a trip to our favorite local restaurants, or a lesson in construction. I love my dad, the Skunk Man!"
Brittany - east coast brand ambassador

"My 'Papa' lives thousands of miles away, in France but despite the distance I know that he is always there for me. I get my cooking skills and love of food from him, as he is the most amazing Chef I know. I look forward to his call every Sunday to catch up on everything going on in our lives. He is a doting 'Papy' to my daughter Alizée and I love watching them play and laugh. We have grown so much closer in the last few years and I am very thankful to have him in my life and to be able to create wonderful memories together. Bonne Fête Papa, je t'aime! Didou."
Adeline - marketing


"My daughter Stella (2 years old next month), is the most beautiful little girl. My favourite thing about fatherhood is re-experiencing life through my daughters eyes. It's so fulfilling to see her intrigued, wowed and delighted by the simplest things in life. It's like I get to re-live my childhood through her eyes watching her introduced to new things." 
Devon - sales support leader


"My dad has been a role model to me for almost 30 years now - he has taught me to be a better person, put others first, work hard and most of all have fun and enjoy life. He will become a grandpa to my baby boy in September, and I know he will be perfect at that job too!" 
Kelly - web sales support

Calley - accounting

Much love from team UK:
Nicola - pr and communications

Paul - engineer

Much love from team Ireland:
Judy - social media and care

Happy Fathers Day - please share your own tribute below and tell us why your dad is so special to you, or if you're a dad - what it means to you being a dad!

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