"The way this pushchair handles is second to none. The ride is super smooth, and I was ever so surprised to learn that the Swift does not have suspension. You certainly don’t notice the lack of suspension during general use – having tried it on tarmac, grass, gravel and mud I can safely say that the wheels absorb any shock, and the ride remains smooth and comfortable.

My favourite feature of the Swift is the ‘kerb pop’ action. The pushchair is so light to push, and when you need to navigate a kerb, the lightest touch on the handlebar will have the front wheel popping up. It’s such a nice change from some of the heavier options on the market, and makes around-town pushing a joy."

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1 of 10 best strollers named by The Independent, UK!

"If you’re after a good off-road stroller, this three-wheeler is as good as it gets. It gives its little passenger a smooth ride, even on rough terrain, with a wide range of handle heights and excellent brakes. It’s a dream to push and easy to fold and unfold."

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"… if you need a compact but off-road able buggy that is going to nip around the town then off down the country lane but be stored away and moved from place to place. The Mountain Buggy Swift is for you." 

Buggy & Pram Reviews compares the Mountain Buggy swift, urban jungle and terrain strollers. 

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"The Mountain Buggy Swift is light and easy to use. It’s a great solution for a mum who wants a stroller that fits everyday life that can also perform when she wants to jog or run with it up to a distance of around 10k. The air filled tyres make it a comfortable ride for the little one and smooth to push for the Mum (or Dad) too." - Olivia Johnson, Pure Fitness

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consumer review

"Up untill today I have loved my swift it is easy to push and fit through doorways, but I am needing to adjust the straps now that my daughter is getting bigger and it is the worst design and so difficult to do that I that I wish I had brought a different buggy."

Note: We listen, we develop, we deliver. After reading feedback from Esther and other swift users, we redesigned the harness straps on all our buggies to a tail-free, easy to adjust design for your convenience and your baby's safety.

Written by: Esther

Consumer Review

"I love my swift! It is one of if not the best purchase I have made. As promised it is light, handles like a dream and looks great."

Written by: Amanda

consumer review

"I tried many prams in the store and found many so hard to maneuver in the store around all the tight areas. The swift handles like a dream around all the stands, and was small enough to get through those tight spaces. It folds easy is light enough to lift into the car boot. Highly recommended!"

Written by: Krystal

Consumer Review

"I agonised over which buggy to buy and in the UK there aren't so many mountain buggys around, but I have been so pleased with my Swift.  It has been brilliant on all terrain, easy to get in and out of the car, even a little clio boot!  And has been on loads of flights with us without a problem.  Six stars!"

Written by: Sarah

Buggy & Pram Reviews - folded swift

The Mountain Buggy Swift 2015 is for you if you need a rugged yet compact does-it-all stroller.

Mountain Buggy have gone back to their roots of using a canvas like material.  This new 3-wheeler from Mountain Buggy is suitable from birth, available in great new colours (berry, black, gold, marine) and is folded using just one hand.

Written by: Buggy & Pram Reviews ( United Kingdom )
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"I have NO regrets in buying this pram. It's compact and light yet durable and sturdy. It's easy to steer. I'm often often weaving it through isles in shops with just one arm and its breeze......the viewing window in the hood allows me to see bub even though shes facing away from me. Highly recommend this pram!"

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Mountain Buggy’s philosophy is simple – manoeuvrability, durability, adaptability and simplicity. And that’s exactly what you get with the Swift: a stylish, no fuss, quality stroller that will grow with your family and last and last.

The  Mountain Buggy Swift  is an all-terrain, compact stroller that is easy to push, fold up, carry, lift into the car and fit through doorways. Slightly more narrow, shorter and lightweight than the previous Swift model, it fits through doorways, check-out lanes at the supermarket and through shops and cafes with ease.

Written by: Adrienne ( Australia) Read full review here