universal travel bag

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stand out features:

  • protects your stroller or car seat, plus all of baby's gear en route
  • adjustable size with loads of space 
  • lightweight at less than 2kg (more stand out features below)
449,50 Available now. 7-10 days for delivery
449,50 Available now. 7-10 days for delivery

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universal stroller travel bag; for planes, trains and automobiles! Compatible with all Mountain Buggy models manufactured after 2011

Travel with your baby made easy.


more stand out features:

  • sturdy wheels for easy transport when fully loaded
  • shoulder strap for easy carry off the ground
  • rolls up to a compact bundle for storage when not in use
  • hard wearing polyester exterior with padded interior
  • secures closed with heavy duty velcro fastening
  • a universal fit for any Mountain Buggy stroller* or car seat, plus most other brands

* Does not fit the duo stroller or any pre-2010 mountain buggy stroller with non-retractable axles.

Tech specs

flat dimensions: 100 x 58cm / 40 x 23"

  • Mountain Buggy bagrider side on


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I brought the travel bag for my Mountain buggy duet v3, it was a tight fit and once done up it didn't seem very secure (I watched the instruction video so it was done right) you have to take wheels off and they are loose in the bag and because it's not very secure there are places they can slip out.. I took it on three Qantas flights and the baggage people are quite rough with their handling do buy the end of the third flight when I got my pram back it had a wheel coming out ready to fall out, so I got lucky and pushed it back in... It's great quality it just needs to be more secure.

mixed opinions-no other option


First off,I must say that I love our Mountain Buggy Terrain stroller. I also purchased the sun cover and rain cover which are great. There are sooo many useful and well-thoughtout features on these items. That is why it is so surprising to have a less than stellar travel bag offered by Mountain Buggy. I read other reviews stating that the wheels on the travel bag are not useful (too small and badly placed) and the bag drags on the ground. I found this to be true. The wheels of the Terrain are awesome but the travel bag's wheels are not. At the angle you need to pull the bag the wheels do not really even touch or are so small that the bag still drags around them. The straps offered to pull and carry the bag are also badly conceived. My shoulder straps metal clasp broke before I even got it off the front porch! We put the shoulder strap from a Eastpack duffel bag on it and used that instead. The quality of the metal was soft and weak on the Mountain Buggy clasp. With a stroller that is as heavy as the Terrain it seems just plain silly to think that this shoulder strap and its weak metal clasps would have been enough to carry it. The other strap on the narrow end looked like it might not last for more than a few minutes of pulling the weight of the Terrain either so we put it on an airport trolley as soon as we could. With neither the pulling or carrying option being very viable, I really think this bag needs to go back to the drawing board. One good note is that our stroller arrived unbroken after our flight. This is the main reason that I bought this bag, so I give the bag a "fair" rating instead of "poor". I liked the material that folded around the bag and the system to close the bag seemed to hold up well to travel. I don't plan on traveling with this bag more than once a year, but that is no reason for a kind of flimsy product that scrimps on details like the wheels and the shoulder and hand straps. The price is too high for me to buy a new bag every trip and this doesn't seem like an ecological or reason thing to do. Please, Mountain Buggy, you can do so much better than this!

Brilliant & our babies love it


Need to look at some kind of padding on the sides of where the hoods fit on as they keep hitting their heads in the uncovered plastic attachments

Extra layer of protection


Used for the mountain buggy terrain to fly from Auckland to Christchurch and back. Actual carry handles don't appear would cope with continued use but the rollers are good. It's good for an extra layer of protection.

Great Bag


Purchased for our Mountain Buggy Swift it just fits in the bag. Doesn't pack as tight as the picture but it covers the pram. Still worked for us. Great for travel on flights as you can roll it along.

Not big enough


I bought the travel bag and it said that fits any MB strollers, I have the old plus one and I have to force it to fit into it, i have to put some parts of the Buggy in the suitcases otherwise they will get lose on the flight.

Smart design and easy to use


Purchased to take our buggy on our first flight for our family holiday. So easy to use protects well and can be rolled up for quick storage. Highly Recommended. My wife and I seen a few other families struggle who decided not to protect the pram which is what your baby will sit in for many years. Airplanes leak fuel, oil and cleaning agents are all toxic.

Doesn't practically fit the duet


I bought this product to use with my MB Duet and was VERY disappointed! Whilst it technically fits in, the velcro straps don't meet up to secure it safely and all of the corners of the pram poke out of the padded area. Some aspects of this product are of very good quality; the padded fabric, the metal buckles & the carry strap. However then there were other things that were of very poor quality, most notably the Velcro straps that are meant to secure it across the middle are barely sewn on and with the stress of a big pram within will fail very quickly. Also, the carry handle when pulling like a suitcase is very flimsy.
I will not be able to use this carry bag with my duet. Mountain buggy should consider not recommending this as suitable for the MB duet in the future.

Universal Travel Bag


I have used the travel bag for one trip and overall it does its job. I popped an urban jungle, isofix base and a material playgym in here and there was plenty of room and held everything together nicely. It's pretty easy to get into and to do up. As with other reviews it's not really designed for using the actual wheels so don't bank on your ability to wheel it anywhere because it won't work. The base of the bag drags along the ground as the wheels are too small and has ripped the outer material, it now has duct tape protecting this area which I am pretty disappointed considering it was wheeled probably less than 50m to get a trolley and has only been used for one return flight in NZ. I did try repacking the bag to see if it worked better however to no avail! In summary it's great to hold everything together just don't wheel it anywhere. Oh, and the strap broke as well, so don't rely on that either.

Not My Bag


I originally purchased the Mountain Buggy Terrain and associated paraphernalia. I have been more than happy with the durability, functionality and ease of use. Wanting to protect the buggy from damage in transit, I thought the Universal Travel Bag would be the logical thing.
Travelling to Boracay, Philippines entailed transport on train, plane, bus, boat and taxi, for which the Universal Travel Bag came unstuck at the first hurdle.
The wheels are not the worst, the flaw being the bag flips over at the slightest of speed and the material, (scraped for a mere few meters) wears through to the lining. Whilst acknowledging the bag itself needs to be light, I do think Mountain Buggy could devise a better design and use a more sturdy material, perhaps reinforcing the bottom edge. At least the buggy survived the ordeal.

Do Not purchase for Urban Jungle


Purchased for my Urban Jungle Luxury Edition (with and without the Carrycot +). It did not close properly resulting in damage to both bag and stroller.
-Poor fit. Did not fully cover. Allowed for open areas and only the thin nylon as protection
- Pulling bag (using the wheels as advert picture shows) resulted in torn carrier and damaged stroller. Pulling drags the fabric on ground.
- Handle is flimsy and digs into hands.
- only one handle on top, cannot carry, must be rolled (resulting in dragging fabric).
- Difficult to manage on own.
- Velcro pulled open easily, had to use two luggage straps to keep it closed.

It looks quite nice, but it's function is terrible.

Improvements it could use: more rigid/plastic base that will not tear if it hits the ground. Improved wheels. Strap to keep bag closed (and for handlers to use). Extra strap on sides for lifting. Padding to carry handle with stronger stitching.

For the price, I expected much better quality and protection for my new stroller. I had to put duct tape my bag for my return trip to keep it intact (terribly unsightly and cheap looking). I am now left with a unusable bag and a damaged stroller.



Avoid buying this - has already broken after first use. Has ripped the fabric beneath the wheels as it is not sturdy enough to hold the weight of a pram. They are sending a replacement but I would not buy again. It's poor design.

Great travel bag


Brought this bag for our buggy as we were going on a plane. Was amazing fit the swift with room to spare. Was able to put the portable highchair and jackets. Would buy again and can't wait to use it again

Made our plane trip easier


Recommend. Had to watch YouTube video on how to place swift into the travel case. Made the plane trip much easier with the pram. Easy to wheel from the car to the departure terminal.



We bought this to use with our Jane Twone pushchair as we were going on holiday and didn't want it getting broken. The pushchair stayed protected the hole time and the bag didn't come open at all. It is heavy to pull but we had put the pushchair and the two seats in it, luckily it has wheels.
Defiantly a good purchase and after researching other travel bags I know we made the right decision.
We were very impressed by the fast delivery and the packaging. A*

Fell apart first trip


I bought this bag to protect our Urban Jungle on domestic flights over Christmas, sadly after a 1.5hr flight a wheel had fallen off, and there were 5 tears in the outer. A terrible fail and added challenge to battling airports with children. I would not recommend this product.

Love it


I love this bag, I have used it a couple times now and it has made my life much easier. I just wish you have something similar for car seats (universal)



We do quite a bit of traveling between Australia and New Zealand. I bought this to transport my urban jungle. First trip on my own wearing my 8 week old and having 1 suitcase plus the pram bag, I thought it would be so convenient being able to wheel along. The handle on this bag is so poorly made they honestly should not have bothered with the wheels. It feels like it's going to pull out under the weight of the pram. I wheeled it about 100m from the drop off to check in and noticed I had worn a hole in the bottom of the bag. That one would be my fault. Bottom line it will protect your pram but make sure you use a trolley and don't attempt to wheel it around anywhere.

Disappointing purchase


I bought the travel bag before a trip to Queensland and found it did not fit my mountain buggy terrain pram well - too much of a tight fit no matter what configuration I lay the pram in the bag. The wheel axels were difficult to contain inside and have punched holes through the inner lining already (on first use). The handle for the bag is also not sturdy and cuts into your hand, and is flimsy to work with when lifting the bag in/out of the boot of my car. As a result of the terrain pram packing quite long into the travel bag, the outer material has caught and dragged on the concrete close to the wheels and torn a hole also. I don't find it fits nicely in this carry bag and am very disappointed to have spent $100 on a poor fitting travel bag for my pram, as I doubt I will use it again. It was easier to work with and carry folded up and checked in without it.



I buy to carry my stroller from Miami to Uruguay and arrived in perfect condition. I am very happy with my purchase.



While the bag does the job (keeps the pram from contained thus undamaged and scratched) it is awkward and difficult to use.
We have a Mountain Buggy Cosmopolitan (not a huge 3 wheel pram!) and even having the bag as tight as we could possibly get it, it still dragged on the ground when trying to wheel it. Within minutes (carpark to airport terminal) the bag has a hole in the bottom of it from scraping along the ground.
On the way back, I turned the pram upside down hoping to eliminate the issue but no luck... another hole in the other side.
It is frustrating to spend the money and have this happen, however it keeps the pram contained whilst on the plane and I need it for that purpose.

Really practical but a questio over the handle


I bought this for our Uppababy Vista; I would have preferred the Uppababy carrier, but they seem to have supply issues to the UK, so I bought this as Mountain Buggy were able to guarantee supply at short notice, and it was also £20 cheaper and delivered for free. I'm glad we chose it, it is a really practical carrier, easily swallowing our buggy and protecting it from the rigours of baggage handlers.

It is very easy to use - with a bit of practise I can go from unpacked to fully packed in 90 seconds. My only concern is the carry handle at the top of the bag used to drag it in the wheels once packed, it does not seem to be attached as strongly as it could be, I am not sure how well it will hold up if we made extensive use of it (we will use it max 3 times a year, so hopefully it will hold up). A bit of a shame, as the rest of the bag is really well made and I would otherwise give it 5 stars, but for that I'm only giving 4 stars.

Almost worth it...


Bought this for interstate and international trips with our Swift. We have a newborn so we had the bassinet, but unfortunately the bag only just reached to tie itself all together, so after a couple of movements from trolley to carousel etc, it was beginning to come undone. The handle is too flimsy to pull along such a large package. However, the internal cords, plus the durability of the material means it will be very useful once we've moved onto the stroller part of the pram.

It's ok, could be much better


I bought this for an os trip to keep the swift safe. I found it easy to use but the design could be much better. I will recommend it only for the fact that there is nothing else comparable on the market.
It is well known that baggage handlers can be rough at the best of times so I wanted a bag to protect the buggy. It did that, mostly. By the time I picked it up at the other end it had started to come loose and bits were at risk of falling out and getting lost.

One very easy fix for this design would be to get rid of the two drawstringed pockets at each end and just do one big one for the whole bag ensuring everything is in under the "inner bag" and the drawstring can be pulled tight over all of it then the rest of the bag done up securely over the top as usual.

If you buy this bag I suggest an additiona luggage strap to add an extra layer to hold it all together.

Some positives, you can sneak much more in there with the buggy which helps with the luggage allowance. It rolls up and stores away nice and compact.

Useful to keep items from being scratched x


We originally bought this bag for travelling with our Swift. The buggy fitted in well and we secreted in extras such as blankets and nappies. We liked how the bag rolls into a tube to carry when not in use, and it conveniently fitted over the buggy handle, allowing us to take our buggy through the airport to check in prior to packing it in the bag. With two children we upgraded to a duet, but I found it really didn't fit well in this bag, so picked up a MB black travel bag instead - which is much easier to use. We now use this to keep our car seat safe when travelling - we managed to fit in two! Bonus when flying with EasyJet :) negs - lack of pockets that you find in the old black travel bags. The red material inside is flimsy and vulnerable to damage when exposed.

Not big enough and badly designed


Bought this bag for the terrain. It wasn't bit enough which meant that the bag got damaged after one quick use. The handle is flimsy and it's really hard to pull along on its wheels. A waste of money.

Well designed and very useful


Bought this for a long trip OS (for use with the Swift) it's well designed, except for the handle to pull along the bag once loaded - it's flimsy compared to the rest of the design and construction.


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