A Mountain Buggy Royal Encounter

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited New Zealand recently thousands of people lined the streets eager to catch a glimpse of the royal pair, and if they were really lucky, a handshake or polite hello. 

For five Mountain Buggy mums and their twins, they had an experience that most of us can only dream of - being singled out to meet the Duke and Duchess. 

When Nicola Burton and her four friends met up for their regular catch up with their twins in tow, they had no idea what the morning had in store for them.


After arriving early and finding a good spot to view the Duke and Duchess as they made their way along the crowds in Christchurch, the group lined up their Mountain Buggy duet  and duo buggies and waited patiently for the royal couple to arrive. The impressive line up of five mums with their twins caught the eye of the media and several came up for a  chat. The unexpected attention then took a turn that will now be a story that the families will share for years to come. The barriers in front of the group were opened and the  mums were invited to come forward and be a focal point for the Duke and Duchess. 

The spontaneous nature of the meeting meant the mums didn't have time to think what they'd say to Will and Kate,taking the pressure away and enabling a much more natural chat. Nicola said she found Will and Kate to be very cordial with an ease of talking and an engaged presence. Will at one point described the group of five sets of twins as being "so daunting". At least now if Will and Kate have twins in the future, they've had a good recommendation for the best buggy to buy! 


Back in our office, the team were very excited to see this group make a splash in the media with our award winning side-by-sides!

Out of interest, we asked them what they looked for when choosing a buggy for their twins, and at the top of the list were:

  • needed to be a side-by-side
  • easy to put up and down 
  • would fit in their car boot 
  • easy to clean. 

Our side-by-sides are so easy to use, because it holds all of our unique DNA of manoeuvrability, durability, adaptability, and simplicity. Our duet being no wider than a single buggy, means it's easy negotiating through tight spaces and doorways. 

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How will the mums record this incredible experience for their little ones? They're planning on putting together a printed scrap book of media clippings from around the world. 

So what's next for this group and their new found fame... well they'll continue living a life without limit and meet regularly as they always have, taking their twins on fun outings like trips to the park and going for walks together. 


Mountain Buggy is incredible proud that the duet and duo are a popular choice for parents with twins and are pleased to support the New Zealand Multiple Birth Association. 

Thanks to our mum's and their twins for sharing this incredible experience with us!

Jen Howell mother of Lexie and Jaelen, aged 22 months

Melanie Routledge, mother of Nathan and Evelyn, aged 22 months

Kate Ginders, mother of Blake and Paige, aged 21 months

Jodie Gould, mother of Jesse and Keisha, aged 21 months

Nicola Burton, mother of Lucas and Oliver, aged 21 months